ERCOM is a French telecom manufacturer with a key know-how focused on protocol convergence/interoperability of telecommunication networks.

InfoVista helps fixed, mobile and broadband communications service providers (CSPs) and IT-intensive enterprises improve the customer experience, reduce customer churn and deliver differentiated services, while improving the capital efficiency of their infrastructure. The real-time network and customer intelligence we gather from today’s information-rich networks enables them to assure service quality, manage network performance, optimize network configurations, and plan the technology upgrades required to handle future network and service demand.

A leading teaching and research institution in the fields of information and communication technologies


Supélec has a very special position among the leading engineering institutes. It is the reference in its field - electric energy and information sciences Internationally, with classes of 440 engineers graduating each year, Supelec is on a par with the best departments of electrical and computer engineering of the top American or European universities.


Com4Innov is a mutualized environment aimed at manufacturers and researchers who want to develop and validate their technologies, applications or services in the domains of networks and mobiles services of the future (4G/LTE/IMS), M2M (Machine to Machine) and communicating objects/smart devices.


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